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Choosing A Contractor Level Machine

Choosing A Contractor Level Machine
Please note that this page is under construction. Feel free to give us a call, 513.360.4262, or email,, for questions on which machine best fits your needs while we work in this page. Awesomeness takes time!

There are so many options when deciding what paint sprayer, or line striper you need for your projects. This page is designed to help you narrow down the right paint sprayer for your needs!

Airless Paint Sprayers
There are many choices on the market for paint sprayers. If you are painting less than once time a week, check out our DIYer section. That area has the best tips for the smaller paint sprayers. But, for our contractors, here you go. Basically, the thicker the material you spray, the more power you need. For daily sprayers of latex paint:

Max Tip Size: .017 or higher
GPM:.54 or higher

Some example units for this range are the Graco 390, Graco 395, Graco 490, Graco 495, Graco 595, Graco 695, Titan Impact 440, Titan Impact 540, Titan Impact 640

Some contractors need to spray multiple guns/hoses at a time. Not all machines have the power to do this. If you need multiple hose/guns on your machine, look at the Graco 695, Graco 795. Graco 1095, Graco 1595, Titan Impact 740, Titan Impact 840, Titan Impact 1040, and Titan Impact 1140.

Texture Sprayers
Within the lineup of paint sprayers are specialized tools. If you are consistently spraying mud, block fillers, and etc., you need a much more powerful machine.

Choosing A Contractor Level Machine