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 // Wagner Procoat Repair Kit 0504164 0504163
Wagner Procoat Repair Kit 0504164 0504163

Wagner Pro Coat Inlet Outlet Repair Kit 0504164 0504163

Item #:05041640504163
Regular Price:$39.98

Wagner Pro Coat Inlet Outlet Repair Kit 0504164 0504163. Replacement of these parts may be necessary if you have poor spray performance. This kit includes what you see and INSTRUCTIONS.

1. Unscrew outlet valve from outlet valve housing using wrench.
2. Remove any accumulated material inside outlet valve housing using appropriate solution for material being used.
3. Replace with new outlet valve and tighten with wrench.
4. Remove pump inlet from the sprayer by twisting it counterclockwise.
5. Insert the inlet valve tool (0515596) into the inlet valve fitting. Using the ratchet and socket, twist counter-clockwise and remove from its housing.
6. Retrieve the inlet valve and the inlet valve O-ring from the inlet valve housing. Clean or replace and lubricate the O-ring with a light household oil.
7. Set the inlet valve O-ring back into the housing, and set the inlet valve on top of it.
8. Replace inlet fitting into the housing. Tighten with the inlet valve tool and ratchet.
9. Replace pump inlet.
We've added some related items below like 411 tips or filters for your gun. You may also want to order the pusher nut tool, it reaches in to pull out the inlet valve.

Wagner Procoat Repair Kit 0504164 0504163