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This section is under construction. Please call us at 513.360.4262 with any questions, or email us at We are happy to help you find the pressure washer to fit your needs.

Electric Pressure Washers
This style pressure washer is a good choice for DIYers. They are small, lightweight, and portable, with just enough pressure to do most jobs around your house. The only negative is the need to have an outlet for power. These are also more environmentally friendly than the gas units.

Gas Pressure Washer
The gas pressure washer is used for bigger jobs that do not have access to electricity. This style is most often the choice of property maintenance, farms, and professionals.

Pounds Per Square Inch, PSI
2000-2800 PSI is light duty. This will spray furniture, cars and sidewalks that are not too stained.
2000-2800 is medium duty. These are best for home owners. This level will clean your deck, fence, sidewalk and etc. You may have some trouble reaching the second story with this PSI though.
2800-3300 is heavy duty. This level works best for large areas of sidewalk or fencing, second story levels, and paint preparation.
3300 and up is considered contractor grade. This level of pressure is for someone spraying multiple times a week and for long periods.

Gallons Per Minute, GPM
The higher the GPM the better job the sprayer will do rinsing/cleaning the area.

Choosing Your Nozzle
Many of the DIY units do not use nozzles. The gun will often have a twisting part that allows you to adjust the spray. But, be sure to look at the specs of the unit to see if that feature is an option on the sprayer you choose. If you are looking for a unit that spays using a nozzle, this section will help. The nozzle tip determines the pressure and flow.
0° Red Nozzle:This is used for stained areas with hard to clean tar, glue, and mud. It is a thin line of water.
15° Yellow Nozzle:This is used to remove dirt from farm and marine equipment.
25°Green Nozzle:This is used for standard cleaning. This is our most popular degree size because it removes the grime most often seen by pressure washers.
40° White Nozzle:This is used for light cleaning, and on areas where you want to ensure no damage/removal of paint.
Rotary Turbo Nozzle:This nozzle uses a 0°, circular pattern, spray for the most effective cleaning.