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Pressure Washers

Choosing a pressure washer appropriate for your job can be daunting. Please read below to help narrow down some of the features you may need on your machine.

Cold Water vs Hot Water
If you are needing to disinfect and remove tough, set in stains, or material that is stubborn, such as oil or grease, you will want a hot water unit. If you are focusing on dirt/debris removal then you just need a cold water unit.

Direct Drive Pump vs Belt Drive Pump
A direct drive pump has a flange on the pump that mounts to the face of the engine. There is a hollow shaft that slides onto the drive shaft of your motor/engine. This style allows for the pumps RPM to be the same as the engines RPM. This style pump has fewer moving parts and usually cheaper. However, because the pump 'spins' as much as the engine you will see faster wear and tear. The Belt Drive pump uses a pulley system mounted to a solid shaft. The shaft is driven by one, or more, belts. This system allows to pump to run at a cooler temperature. Pump fatigue is also reduced because of the pulley system reducing vibration fatigue. Some disadvantages are the loss of efficiency due to the friction of the belts, and there is some additional maintenance for the belts.

Energy Source, Gasoline vs Electric
If you are often washing in areas without electricity you will need a gasoline/diesel unit. However, if you often are close to an energy source, or do not want the fumes/smell released, you will want an electric unit.

Pressure Washers