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MI-T-M Pressure Washers

MI-T-M Pressure Washers
MI-T-M is one of the leading, premium, brands for pressure washers. This company began with one salesman that knew he had a good product. Over the years, through much research, Mi-T-M has developed a wide variety of both industrial, and small contractor, units to suit your needs.

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Mi-T-M Naming Convention
The long name of Mi-T-M machines can be confusing. xx-xxxx-xxxx:
xx: The first two letters are the abbreviation of the name of the unit.
xxxx: The next two digits are the PSI of the machine, the second set of numbers is the flow.
xxxx: The next number is any revisions made to the unit, the next letter is the logo, the third digit represents the brand of engine/motor (Honda, Kohler, Mi-T-M), and the last letter is a filler for internal purposes.

For example: CM-2703-0MLB CM=Choremaster, 27=2700 PSI 03=3 GPM 0=Revision Code M=logo L=Engine B=Filler for internal purposes

MI-T-M Pressure Washers